Parallax Web Animation

What I Did

During this project I didn’t really do much apart from creating images that were added in, and I also found the music that was added into the page.


Project Overview

What we actually did for the project was take the files from one of the examples we were shown at the start, then we edited the images from the files that were downloaded along with the code so that they would fit with the page’s story. After we had the pictures done, Tim edited the text in the code so that there would be a story, which ended up being “Attack of The Spiders”. A problem that we ran into was that we didn’t know what the actual line of code to add in music was, so we had to ask people if they knew what it was. After we got it we added music to the page by converting a Youtube video into MP3 file, and adding it into the code.

The Finished Project


What I Learned

During this project I learned how to easily change an image in an html file without messing up the code by just editing the image itself.


Some art from the end project.

Some art from the end project.

Some of the code from our page.

Some of the code from our page.

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